A La Carte Menu


Shiitake Broth                                               3.58
chili oil, scallion (can be vegan)

X.O. Fried Rice                                          13.88
Chinese sausage, shrimp, carrots, snow peas

Mapo Dofu                                                 10.88
pork, tofu, fermented fava bean
chili paste, Sichuan peppercorn

Aged Duck Breast*                                    15.88
Peking spice, roasted carrots, tamarind

Kung Pao Cauliflower                                  7.88
peanuts, chili, scallions (vegan)

Bok Choy                                                     8.88
oyster sauce, shiitake, ginger, garlic


*Consuming raw or undercooked MEATS, POULTRY, seafood, shellfish, or EGGS may increase your risk of foodborne illness






House Made Ice Cream                               3.08
choice of chocolate red bean miso, buttermilk
chamomile, sweet corn, or basil pink peppercorn

House Made Sorbet                                     3.08
choice of blueberry ginger, raspberry lime,
or plum sumac

Egg Custard Bun                                          2.58
Grandma Tang’s Mantou bread filled with
sweetened condensed milk custard