Tour of Asia's Fried Chicken Dinners

An exciting update from ZaoZe Cafe & Market -- the return of Fried Chicken Dinners


Every country has its own special version of fried chicken and we are kicking off our spring with a Tour of Asia’s Best Fried Chicken Dinners, each dinner inspired by a different country. and includes a fried chicken entree, two side dishes and a dessert, with an optional discounted wine pairing from our carefully curated choices.


Menus are subject to change, but our current regional inspirations are:

(…allergens: we will have limited ability to accommodate allergens)


April 11: Taiwan – **Aveleda Vinho Verde @ 10% off

Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken     ...contains gluten, dairy, soy, spices

Cucumber Salad, gluten, sesame

Pork Belly Open Face Bao     ...eggs, dairy, soy, gluten

Pineapple Cake     ...dairy, eggs, gluten


April 25: Korea – **Han jan original pairing 2 bottles 10% off

KFC- Korean Fried Chicken with a Side of White Rice     ...spicy, gluten, soy

Slaw     ...peanuts, gluten, soy

Kimchi Pancake     ...eggs, sesame

Hotteok     ...gluten, walnuts


May 2: Japan - **Juve Y Camps Rose 10% off


Miso Soup




May 16: India - **Gobelsburg Gruner 10% off

Indian Fried Chicken

Chana Masala

Vada Pav

Rice Pudding


May 30: Thailand - **Selbach Riesling 10% off

Thai Fried Chicken

Som Tum - Papaya Salad

Tofu Pad Thai

Coconut Sticky Rice w/ Fresh Fruit


All dinners will feed TWO and are priced at $58.88, not including tax and gratuity or optional wine pairing.  These are TAKE-OUT dinners, to be picked up between 4:30 – 5:30 the day of.  Each dinner comes fully cooked and ready-to-eat with re-heating instructions for later consumption.  We ask that you pre-order your meals by the preceding Sunday, online via our website or go directly to our online ordering system.